DTF Transfer Printing

DTF Transfer printing is the most recent development in custom t-shirt printing and apparel decorating world. It is very similar to DTG printing without the limitations of DTG that require high cotton content for vibrant prints. DTF does not require pretreat that stains some shirt colors in the DTG printing process. Additionally, DTF trasnfer prints last longer than DTG and can be applied in hard to print areas and put on just about any type of fabric. Our DTF transfers are vibrant, stretchable and durable, making the a perfect solution when you have the need for just a few items with many colors being printed, or many colors being printed on complicated items where standard print techniques will not meet the needs. Additionally, DTF transfers can be bought in bulk and stored for later use making them a great option for On-Demand POD needs. Whatever your custom printing needs are today, we will find the best suited print technique to insure your success to grow your business tomorrow. 


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